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United Kingdom Education

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A United Kingdom education is second to none. We lead the world in cutting-edge research opportunities, internationally recognised degrees and relevant, high-quality, high-standard training. I am delighted that over 800, 000 international students are finding this out for themselves.

United Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom Education
United Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom Education
United Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom Education
United Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom EducationUnited Kingdom Education

Studying in the United Kingdom will not only give students a thorough understanding of the subject but also analytical abilities and problem solving skills that are much prized by employers.

The chance to improve their language skills is bringing many students to this country. English is the language of commerce, of the Internet, of global communication and of medicine. We are proud that 750 million people world-wide have now learnt our language. That English is becoming a lingua franca means that students who have studied here are in demand all over the world.

As part of our plans, the flagship Chevening Scholarship Scheme now offers up to 1, 000 scholarships each year for overseas students to undertake postgraduate study or research in the United Kingdom.

Most Chevening scholarships are for one-year Masters courses, but some are for shorter specialised courses lasting up to six months. Courses include law, business administration and international relations. They allow talented graduates and young professionals to become familiar with the United Kingdom and to gain skills that will benefit their countries. British Embassies and High Commissions select candidates for the scholarships, which are offered in more than 150 countries including India, China and Brazil.

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Climate: The overall climate in England is called temperate maritime. This means that it is mild with temperatures not much lower than 0C in winter and not much higher than 32C in summer. It also means that it is damp and is subject to frequent changes.
Language: The United Kingdom has no official language. The dominant language, spoken as a first language by 95% of the population is English.
Currency: The UK unit of currency is the pound sterling (). In London we often call one pound (1) a "quid" and sometimes a "nicker".
Visas: http://www.ukvisas.gov.uk
Population: The estimated resident population of the UK was 61, 792, 000 in mid-2009, up by 394, 000 on the previous year. Children aged under 16 represented approximately one in five of the total population, around the same proportion as those of retirement age. In mid-2009 the average age of the population was 39.5 years, up from 37.3 in 1999.
Capital City: London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom, the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures.
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