London Language Studio

London Language Studio offers bespoke private language lessons to individual students, small groups and corporate clients.

We also run private, intensive language workshops for those who wish to make fast track progress in their target language.

Whether you want to learn Greek, arrange private Spanish lessons, or take up learning Slovak, we are here to help. All language classes are carefully structured and tailored to your individual learning needs.

We organise language lessons in London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire and our fees are competitive.

Our is extremely sensible and truly bespoke.

We understand each client comes to us with high expectations, a different motivation for study, and with a variety of needs and learning abilities.

We carefully assess these factors and create an entirely individual learning path for each of our students; as a result, we deliver inspiring, stimulating and highly effective lessons, targeted fully at language fluency. Students engage in conversation from their first lesson.

Our philosophy is based entirely on the strong personal interaction between student and tutor.

We believe private lessons are the most effective and enjoyable way of understanding and really learning a language.

At London Language Studio you will be provided with ongoing assistance and support from your tutor, one hundred percent attention, valuable feedback and genuine interest in your progress.

Our founder, Alena Sunavska, is herself a professional linguist, fluent in six European languages. Through the Language Studio she shares her successful learning methods and her experience and enthusiasm for languages.

To see how we teach, read our students' testimonials.

For any enquiries please send us an email or contact Alena Sunavska by telephone.

Tel: 07590 454 049

Email: Website:

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